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The PICU CLOUD (Collaborative Learning through Outcomes Datais a consortium of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit's seeking to compare quality measures and outcomes. Each of the participating institutions is a world-renowned acute care pediatric hospital, conducting pediatric research, tertiary pediatric care, and education. These ICUs admit both medical and surgical patients.


The participating ICUs share bi-annual data on 6 ICU quality metrics: Hospital Acquired Infection (HAl) rates - (i) CA­ BSI & (ii) CAUTI, iii) Unplanned re-admission rate, iv) Unplanned Extubation rate, and (v) Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR), and one process metric (VI) Central Venous Catheter Days. The selected metrics represent a set of performance and outcome measures that reflect the quality of care that is provided in the PICU setting. The members of the collaborative periodically review and revise the metrics to be shared as determined by consensus. 


The Collaborative provides a de-identified platform to securely share data and facilitate reliable external benchmarking among comparable sites. The goal of this effort is for the collaborative data to help efforts to improve the quality of care in the participating ICUs. 


A Memorandum of Understanding, signed by participating centers, describes the essence of this mission and helps establish a confidentiality agreement.





The PICU CLOUD platform is hosted by the MSICU at Boston Children's Hospital. Following the completion of each reporting cycle, sites receive a comprehensive report that illustrates trends for site data over the years, and their site data in comparison with the collaborative data. Below are a few examples of the types of charts received for each metric.


Please scroll through a few simulated examples provided below (not real data). 

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